Canadian Cheese Awards/Le Concours des fromages fins canadiens 2018 is open to cheese produced in Canada using the pure milk of Canadian cows, goats, sheep and water buffalo—using no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no modified milk ingredients. The independent competition is open to licensed producers, federal or provincial, or, in the case of sheep milk in Ontario, municipal.

  • January 2: Online registration of entries begins.
  • February 16: Entry registration closes.
  • February 15, 16, 20 and 21: Cheese shipments received at the judging venue, University of Guelph, Department of Food Science, Guelph, Ontario. Deliveries on February 21 must arrive by 12 noon. No cheese received on February 19 due to Family Day holiday.
  • February 22 and 23: Evaluation and scoring of entries.
  • March 5: Finalists announced.
  • June 6: Results of the competition announced during the Canadian Cheese Awards Ceremony at historic St. Lawrence Market, North Hall, Toronto, followed by an Awards Tasting Gala for trade, media, and special guests. Presentation of winners in 18 main categories, nine special categories, five regional division, plus the coveted Cheese of the Year.
  • June 6: Cheese Industry Conference with seminars, workshops, business-to-business break-out sessions, addressing the challenges facing Canadian cheesemakers in light of free-trade agreements that mean increased competition. Held prior to the Awards Ceremony and Tasting Gala.
  • June 7: Canadian Cheese Expo trade show for cheese industry, hospitality industry, chefs, media, food writers and bloggers, etc., at historic St. Lawrence Market, North Hall, Toronto.
  • June 7: Canadian Cheese Awards Night Market consumer show featuring winners and finalists in the cheese competition, and products such as charcuterie, baked goods, wine, beer and cider, in two three-hour sessions to avoid over-crowding. Consumers can sample and purchase products. 19+. At historic St. Lawrence Market, North Hall, Toronto

The judging and competition—the biggest cheese competition in Canada—has taken place every two years, Toronto in 2014, Montreal in 2016, Toronto in 2018. Next scheduled for 2020, with the call for entries going out January 2, 2020.

Canadian Cheese Awards and related events are produced by Cheese Lover Productions Inc. with the support of Loblaw Companies as Marquee Sponsor and Dairy Farmers of Canada as Principal Partner for Cow Milk Cheese..