How to enter the Awards competition

It’s easy to enter the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards/Le Concours des fromages fins canadiens.

First, download Awards Guidelines for Cheese Producers by clicking here. The PDF document explains all you need to know about judging procedures, entry requirements and online registration of entries.

Second, decide which of your cheeses you will enter in what categories.  The 19 categories are listed here

Third, after reviewing the Guidelines, assemble the information you will need for each cheese to be entered.*

Fourth, go to to register your entries online.

Fifth, pay the entry fees at as instructed at the conclusion of Step 4.

That’s all there is to it!

If you have questions on how to enter or experience problems with the online registration system, please contact the Awards Registrar, email or telephone 1.613.893.0959.


  • $75 for each entry registered with entry paid prior to midnight February 16.


Entry fees + HST include permission for winners to use the high-resolution digital 2018 winner’s logo to identify award-winning cheeses. The logo will be sent to winners shortly after the Awards Ceremony and Awards Tasting Gala on June 6. A finalist’s logo will be available to finalists shortly after the announcement of finalists on March 5.

You’ll receive shipping instructions once the entry fees have been paid and the entries accepted. You will need to ship cheese to arrive at the judging venue in Guelph, Ontario, on February 15, 16, 20 and 21. Deliveries on February 21 must arrive by 12 noon. No cheese received on February 19 due to Family Day holiday.

Finalists will be announced March 5. Results of the competition announced June 6 during an Awards Ceremony in Toronto at historic St. Lawrence Market, North Hall, followed by an Awards Tasting Gala for trade, media, and special guests.

Finalists and winners will be invited to promote, sample and sell their products on June 7 at

  • Canadian Cheese Expo trade show for cheese industry, hospitality industry, chefs, media, food writers and bloggers, etc.
  • Canadian Cheese Awards Night Market consumer show featuring winners and finalists in the cheese competition, and products such as charcuterie, baked goods, wine, beer and cider, in two three-hour sessions to avoid over-crowding. Consumers can sample and purchase products. 19+.


* The required information covers basics like company name, contact information, cheese name, milk used, and so on, but it also includes a brief description of the cheese entered and the date it first went on the market.